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Cams / cleats

By mechanically producing cleats / cams from semi, we are capable of even small numbers specified by the manufacturer or customer to produce. 

NK also has its own mold making, enabling the larger series of very complex cleats / cams produced at a acceptable deliverydate.

meenemers / nokken 


The cam / cleat
The cleats / cams are made of urethane 92 ║ Shore A, like the timing belt itself. By using the same material an optimal adhesion guaranteed. 

The geometry of the carrier is completely free to decide. This may take into account the forms of the transported product. 

The cleats / cams are manufactured and spliced at our workshop in Hildesheim, Germany.

Mechanical cams connector
It is also possible to assembly cleats / cams mechanical on the timing belt. We can now take other cleat materials, such as aluminum or a harder plastic.mechanische nokken verbinder 
Some examples of possible cam-shapes
Cam type FN1 
Cam type FN2 
Cam type FN3 
Cam type FN5
Cam type FN05 
Cam type FN06 
Cam type FN07 
Cam type FN08 
Cam type FN09 
Cam type FN10 
Cam type FN11 
Cam type FN12 
Cam type FN13 
Cam type FN14 
Cam type FN15 
Cam type FN16 
Cam type FN17 
Cam type FN18 

All cleats / cams are available in various sizes. The height, width and thickness are variable.

The cams are made to your liking.

 Maximum cleat / cam thickness in mm when welded on opposite tooth.  Meenemers lassen 1 

Maximum cleat / cam thickness in mm when welded on opposite gap between teeth.
meenemer las tabel 2 

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