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  • Brecoflex timing belts

Brecoflex timing belts

Breco timing belts on stock
NK Technics does have many Brecoflex timing belt types in the programm.

Brecoflex ATN system

NK Technics can splice in our own factory the Breco ATN timing belts. We do have on stock the types ATN10 and ATN12,7

With the Brecoflex ATN timing belt system you can fit cams on the timing belt you your selve. NK Technics can also do this for you.

Brecoflex ATN  

The ATN timing belts can be delivered with brass or stainless steel inserts.

The standard AT10 pulleys are suitable for the ATN10 timing belts. We can deliver these pulleys from our stock. It is also possible to customize these pulleys with a special bore and keyway.

Brecoflex SFAT10 timing belts
NK technics does have roll material SFAT10 on stock. We can splice these timing belts on the length you need.

We can also customize these belts. We can put cams on the belts or cover them with one off the coatings from our programm.
Breco SFAT10 

Also available;

- spliced timing belts
- truly endless timing belts (flex)
- timing belts with a mechanical fastener (Pinjoin)
- timing belts with coatings
- timing belts with cams
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